Field Guide to Digital Event Marketing: Essential AdWords Ad Tips

  • By Amy Mrazek | Thursday, December 11th, 2014
AdWords Tips

Your Google AdWords ads are the first interaction you have with customers. AdWords uses your keywords to determine who will see your ads, but it’s ultimately your job to write the ads that will compel people to click.

To help you ensure that your ads get the attention they deserve, I’ve put together some essential tips to make the most out of your AdWord’s campaigns.

Use keywords in your ad copy. Be sure to include relevant keywords in the title and description. Quality score, which I’ve explained earlier in the series, is affected by the keywords and text in your ads. If your ad is not relevant to a search, it will not show — even if somehow your ad does appear, it’s pretty likely that no one will click.

Create a strong call to action. Include a clear, strong call to action, like Purchase Tickets or Buy Now in your ad copy. It will help customers navigate around your site and prompt them to complete your desired action.

Include ad extensions. Ad extensions show additional information about your event underneath the ad text. They can improve your ad’s visibility by taking up more space on the Google Search Results Page and giving searchers more information or options to click.

The most relevant extensions for event ads are:

  • Sitelink extensions: Include up to six sitelinks to direct customers to other pages on your site such as a merchandise pages or a contact page.
  • Location extensions: Include the address of your venue location for easy directions.
  • Review extensions: Include a good review of your event from a respected third-party source.

Test Ad Copy. Continued testing is very important to your AdWords success because small changes can have a big impact on your performance. You can refine ad copy by creating at least two versions of the ad and letting them run until you have enough data to see which version is performing better for your goals.

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