Field Guide to Digital Event Marketing: What Is Event Remarketing?

  • By Amy Mrazek | Thursday, March 26th, 2015
Google Remarketing

If you spend any time shopping online, this has probably happened to you: You’re browsing a new pair of glasses or a stylish new jacket, but ultimately you decide not to buy yet. Still, a day or two later, you begin to notice ads around the web for that site or product you were previously browsing.

This advertising tactic is known as remarketing.

For event marketers, remarketing means you can reach customers and potential ticket buyers who have checked out your site in the past. Once your remarketing is at work, you’ll be able to serve ads to them and stay top of mind.

Remarketing can be handled through your existing Google AdWords Account or social media ad platforms such as Facebook. If you want to go even further, consider using a third-party remarketing management platform like AdRoll, which will give you even more targeting options. All of these are compatible with the ShowClix Admin.

Check out our remarketing ad tips to help you sell more tickets.

Discount ads. Structure the remarketing ads to target users who visited certain event pages on your site but did not buy a ticket. To entice them to reconsider, offer a ticket discount in the form of a coupon code displayed right on the ad.

Merchandise ads. If you are selling merchandise for your event, remarketing will help you sell such products to your customers. Push your ads to users who have already purchased a ticket by targeting from the receipt page during checkout. Have the ad feature T-shirts, hats, CDs, key chains, or even parking passes.

Ads for future events. Fans who attend one of your events are usually interested in your other events. Build and target ads that feature your upcoming events, then direct them to a page where they can learn more info and buy tickets.

Here are some other important factors to consider when building your remarketing campaign:

Time cap. Avoid using such a high volume of ads that you annoy your potential customers. Be sure to cap the timeframe a user can remain on your remarketing lists. A great rule of thumb is 15-to-30 days before the event or 30-to-60 days after the event, depending on your ad’s goal.

Frequency cap. Implement a reasonable daily frequency cap on your ads. Limit yourself to anywhere from five to fifteen ads per day. Also, be sure to change up your ad routine with varying text and image ads.

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