6 VIP Perks Sure to Drive Ticket Sales for Your Music Festival

Seasoned music festival organizers understand that VIP perks can be a valuable tool to make your event stand out, while offering fans exclusive opportunities to enhance their experience. Not to mention, VIP packages can generate a notable portion of your overall event revenue. But with so many festivals out there to compete with, how can you be sure your audience will choose your event?


4 Email Remarketing Campaigns to Boost Your Event’s Bottom Line

From conventions, to concerts, to large-scale festivals, email remarketing is a powerful tool in any event marketer’s toolbox. Email remarketing is a method of segmenting your email marketing lists so you can reach those who have already bought tickets or who have shown an interest in your event. This enables you to promote your events and other items with relevant, personalized emails encouraging recipients to buy now.

5 Ways to Start Making Your Event Sustainable

As event-goers continue to become more environmentally conscious, sustainability is a growing focus in the planning of live events. Attendees are looking deeper than just lineups and event programming to make their ticket-buying decisions. Often, potential ticket buyers want to support events that align with their personally held values, and a serious devotion to reducing one’s carbon footprint can be a deciding factor.


What’s the Difference Between Operational and Marketing Emails?

Our event ticketing system makes it convenient to send messages to lists of customers from your events. When conducting mass email campaigns like this, there are typically two major categories: operational and marketing emails.


5 Safety Considerations for Your Live 2020 Holiday Event

Tickets for this year’s holiday events will be in high demand. Thanks in large part to months of social distancing and limited entertainment opportunities, folks are excited to get out and celebrate the holidays however they can. That said, while the safety of all remains a top concern around the world, it’s important for event organizers to pay special attention to government regulations and common sense practices to protect employees and attendees all season long.


8 Tips for Admissions at Your Festival

The big day is here. It’s time to admit people in to your festival. Are you prepared? (more…)

Ditch The Refresh Button: A Q&A About ShowClix Live

As an event organizer, you have hundreds of things to accomplish each and every day, but you still need to stay on top of your ticket sales. Live, our new, powerful mobile app, will help you monitor each ticket sold to your event with a beautiful display available on your mobile device. (more…)

Learning More About Your Customers: Updates To The Checkout Process

Did you know that you can learn about your ticket buyers before they even arrive at your event?

Our system allows you to survey your customers during the checkout process. Collecting this data tells you more about your customers’ preferences, so you’ll learn how to target them better and enhance their experience at your event. (more…)

Be a Part of the New Crowd

For years now, Crowd has been relieving venue managers and event promoters by making it simple to sell tickets in person. The recent update provides a little bit of a facelift, as well as some exciting new features. (more…)

Savor the Neighborhood, Stroll the Strip

“A little bit shopping, a little bit culture, a little bit bar crawl, a little bit progressive dinner, a little bit music, and a lot of fun and surprises; Stroll the Strip has something for everyone to enjoy,” said Cynthia Helffrich, Communications Manager for Neighbors in the Strip. “Visitors will have the opportunity to meet the owners of some of their favorite businesses and experience the Strip in a whole new and personal way.” (more…)