How to Address Fans’ Questions on Social Media

Social media is, by definition, a very public forum. Whether it’s positive or negative, every legitimate question deserves a response! Letting your customers know their questions are being heard and addressed fosters a good relationship with you and your fans, and can serve to influence how your event is perceived.


6 Attention-Grabbing Festival Sponsorship Ideas

Festival season is upon us, bringing with it all the food, fun, and entertainment we’ve come to know and love! While ticket sales will most likely make up the bulk of your event’s revenue, many festivals also rely on sponsorships to help them succeed. With so many competing festivals and events out there, how can you ensure that yours stands out to potential sponsors? (more…)

5 Sources of Revenue Event Organizers Can Tap Into

When it comes to increasing your overall event revenue, it’s important to think beyond just ticket sales. What else could you offer to boost your revenue while also adding to your attendees’ overall event experience? Read on for our event experts’ list of five ancillary revenue sources to help grow your bottom line; some you may already utilize, others might be the perfect addition to your next event!


Improve Event Attendance With These Transportation Considerations

Before you begin booking your talent and selling out your vendor spaces, there’s one key factor that should be considered early in your event planning process: transportation. The ease and overall accessibility of transportation to and from your event can make a big difference between a sold-out show and a less-than-stellar turnout.


Pop-Up Museum Products You Should Offer With Ticket Sales

Your pop-up museum has built a huge following on social media, and ticket sales are going great, but you’re looking to drive even more revenue. Offering products, merchandise, and special add-ons alongside your online ticket sales can be a perfect way to do this. Read on for our event experts’ suggestions on the best products to offer to your pop-up’s visitors! (more…)

The 4 Ticketing Tools You Need for Your Fandom Events

Comic cons, gaming expos, and fandom events of all shapes and sizes have grown into a massive industry, with new and exciting events coming to life everywhere you look. To stand out amongst competing events and continue to be successful, fandom event organizers need to know they’re partnering with a ticketing provider that offers premium services and hands-on experience to help them grow their businesses.


Postponed Due to Weather: Useful Tips for Urgent Event Communication

Regardless of the season, it’s important to be prepared for unexpected weather issues surrounding your event. When you have to make the tough call to postpone, change, or cancel, you want to make sure your customers understand the situation as thoroughly as possible. Luckily, event organizers have more options at their disposal than ever before to stay in quick, easy contact with their ticket buyers! Read on for our breakdown of tools you can use to best keep your ticket buyers informed in the event of inclement weather. (more…)

5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Indoor Event Venue

As an event organizer, one of the earliest (and most important) decisions you’ll need to make is the venue you’ll be using to host your next event. While an indoor venue protects you from most weather-related concerns, there are still plenty of other factors to consider when making your choice.


The 4 Ticketing Features You Need for Your Pop-Up Museum

Pop-up museums and exhibits seem to be everywhere you look these days, and it makes perfect sense why these engaging installations have grown into a verifiable phenomenon. These events offer exciting, interactive experiences, unique photo opportunities, and so much more. With pop-ups having become so prevalent, organizers need to make sure they’re partnering with the right ticketing platform to make sure they stand out and attract attendees.


3 Ways Social Influencers Can Improve Your Event Marketing

Social media influencers seem to be everywhere these days. That said, have you taken the initiative to investigate what influencer marketing could offer your event? In the age of social media saturation, the overall effect social influencers have on their followers can be extensive. By tapping into the sense of authenticity a sponsored influencer post can evoke, your brand has a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression on audiences that other more traditional marketing tactics just can’t replicate.