Did You Know: Easy-to-Manage Presales

Did you know you can offer presale tickets to select customers with ShowClix’s custom coupon codes? (more…)

Did You Know: Self-Serve Kiosks

Did you know you can empower your customers to buy event tickets at the door unassisted?


Did You Know: Custom Fees

Did you know you can add custom fees to your events at checkout?


Did You Know: Box Office

Did you know you can use our integrated box office ticketing app to easily handle point-of-sale ticket transactions?


4 Types of Content That Will Keep Attendees Engaged Year-Round

Next year’s event is still months away, but you don’t want your audience to forget about you in the mean time. You already posted an abundance of #TBTs, and ticket presales aren’t going to begin for another few months… so how can you keep your attendees engaged during this lighter time? Luckily, our event experts have the tips you need to keep that event buzz alive year-round. Read on! (more…)

Did You Know: Venue Manager

Did you know you can easily add custom venues in the ShowClix Admin and save them for future use?


Did You Know: Talent Asset Management

Did you know you can easily promote talent on your ShowClix event listings?


Did You Know: Series Dashboard

Did you know you can get detailed information on all dates and times in your event series in one convenient dashboard?


Did You Know: Tracking Tags

Did you know our system has its own tracking tags that track sales from referring websites and marketing campaigns?


Did You Know: Bundles

Did you know you can bundle multiple tickets and merchandise together as a single item in your online checkout process?