We Went to Disneyland for INTIX 2016

Last week, our team members rubbed elbows with Mickey Mouse, while attending the International Ticketing Association (INTIX) conference. The three-day event is one of the largest gatherings of ticketing professionals representing ticketing, sales, technology, finance, and marketing professionals who work in arts, sports, entertainment, and public venues.  


ShowClix Pop Culture Convention Preview for Winter 2016

One word comes to mind when we think of pop culture conventions – passion. Cons have the innate ability to ignite a community with excitement and adventure, and there are few communities as spirited as cosplayers.


Making the Most Out of Your Next Event Video

As high-speed Internet becomes the standard for more and more mobile and desktop devices, the presence of online video marketing has skyrocketed, and with it, the engagement from consumers, especially on social media. (more…)

4 Essential Social Media Tools for Event Professionals

Like organic and paid search, social media is a crucial part of an event marketer’s toolkit. (more…)

Field Guide to Digital Event Marketing: What Is Event Remarketing?

If you spend any time shopping online, this has probably happened to you: You’re browsing a new pair of glasses or a stylish new jacket, but ultimately you decide not to buy yet. Still, a day or two later, you begin to notice ads around the web for that site or product you were previously browsing.

This advertising tactic is known as remarketing. (more…)

What Content Should You Share After the Event?

So your event is over, and now your fans are talking about it all over social media. You want to be included in the excitement, but how can you quickly jump into the conversation? (more…)

3 LinkedIn Company Page Tips for Event Professionals

With so many social media sites available for event professionals, you may be ignoring your LinkedIn Company Page. We understand. Because many of us spend so much time in our personal lives with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it’s almost second nature to use those tools to share your events and interact with fans. So why would you spend time on your LinkedIn Company Page? (more…)

Field Guide to Digital Event Marketing: Essential AdWords Ad Tips

Your Google AdWords ads are the first interaction you have with customers. AdWords uses your keywords to determine who will see your ads, but it’s ultimately your job to write the ads that will compel people to click. (more…)

Reach New Audiences With Display Ads For Your Events

Since there are so many marketing platforms and online tools available to raise interest in your event, you might find yourself asking which is the most cost-effect solution to include in your marketing budget. (more…)

How Event Organizers Can Make the Most of Instagram

In the event industry, a social platform like Instagram can be an easy way to share your event and get your fans talking. Since the site is primarily designed for photo and video sharing, you can quickly share exciting visuals before, during and after your event to provide fans with a sneak peek of what’s happening. (more…)